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Introduction to U.S. Law
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U.S. Legal Methods: Introduction to U.S. Law

Intensive Summer Program for Lawyers
July 29 – August 12, 2017; Washington, D.C.

Now in its seventeenth year, the Institute's summer program, "U.S. Legal Methods: Introduction to U.S. Law," is an intensive academic and professional certificate program  providing a unique opportunity for immersion in U.S. legal education in the legal capital of the United States, with leading professors and practitioners of U.S. Law.  The program is conducted in affiliation with the George Washington University Law School and includes professors and guest lecturers from many other top law schools, federal and state courts, departments and agencies of the U.S. government, and leading U.S. law firms. A new condensed format for our past four-week program--with some parts required and some optional--will offer all of the same classes, subjects, and extra-curricular activities but in a more precise, intense and efficient format, thus allowing completion of the program in just two weeks instead of four.

Who should participate?
”U.S. Legal Methods: Introduction to U.S. Law” is designed especially for:

  • Non-U.S. lawyers who represent either U.S. clients or multi-national clients with U.S. interests
  • Non-U.S. lawyers working for governments or multi-national corporations
  • Non-U.S. lawyers who may soon enter an LL.M. program in the United States
  • Non-U.S. legal professionals or law students with an interest in U.S. law *
How will it benefit your career?
In past years, after completing the IUSLAW summer program, some participants have continued their studies at top U.S. law schools and have ultimately obtained the LL.M. degree.  Others have returned to the practice of law in their respective countries with a better understanding of U.S. law and the ability to work better with U.S. lawyers, law firms and government agencies.  In each case, the knowledge obtained and the contacts made in Washington through the IUSLAW program continue to have enormous personal and professional value. REGISTER HERE

*It is recommended that law students not from a common-law country complete at least three years of legal studies in their home country before starting this program. The majority of participants in this program are practicing lawyers.
**The program will be preceded by an optional nine-day intensive U.S. Legal English program (July 20 - July 29, 2017). Click here for details about that program.